I am soliciting honest feedback—not controversy, but ideas based on scholarly research—to explain the underlining evolutionary process or how “natural selection” works to seed new forms in the taxonomical classification of animal life. So, I evolved from the monkey? How does this work? Or must I just take someone’s word for it? If the latter, you are asking me to put my faith in someone other than the Author of the Bible! (I think not.) The following facts are irrefutable:

  1. No new phyla have been found by archeologists that were not represented in the Cambrian Explosion of life [541 to 485.4 million years ago]. Evolution requires intermediary changes to occur over millions of years [The Cambrian represents a mere 70 million years—not enough time]. Every phylum, including Chordata, in which man is identified, was found in this period.
  2. Missing links are—well—still missing, even though archeology has combed the surface of the globe multiple times. They are still looking and still not finding those life forms in the fossil or bone records. This suggests—if evolved—a leap. (as if nature in frustration yelled out, “Oh, skip it! I don”t have the time!!)
  3. If life up to the phylum classification came only through “leaping” (they just “show up”), then, natural or random selection which is “by chance” cannot out-argue a reasonable belief in a designer—Creator.

My honest question for you is: How would or does a mutation occurring in one life form (one animal) propagate through all members or a significant number of “like” forms to represent an entire group or “kind” on that level? [I think at least one son of mine thinks the question ridiculous, as if I asked, “why are elephants pink in my dreams?] Sibling or consanguine “joining” is acceptable. (Footnote: Inbreeding among humans, consanguine marriages, across a single generation carries about the same risks of congenital disability as if a child is born to older parents. So, just as an aside, Cain could have wed a younger sister—bad choice of brothers!)

So, I came from the bonobo monkey! Don’t insult me! How does this translate into an explanation for my walking erect on 2 feet anyway? Could I outrun or outbox the gorilla (another supposed ancestor) from which I allegedly evolved? Sorry for being a bit facetious, but, I guess since my mind is more developed with language, I could talk him to death.

There are a number of issues with the current scientific explanations for the origin of man and the origin of life, in general. I am, however, comfortable with the Biblical account because the Biblical narrative has a scientific basis for it. It seems like evolution is only the agnostic’s and atheist’s alternative for an intelligent designer. But they don’t believe that either because they keep ascribing intelligence to “Mother Nature” or “The Universe.” They know pure chance or chaos is really not possible!

If life was designed and brought about by the Creator—as Christian’s believe it was—the frightening fact is that the evolutionist should prepare to meet Him someday!

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