My ministry as a pastor/teacher spanned the years 1969-1993. I was affectionately considered by close friends a passionate lover of God’s Word—known in Western Pennsylvania for my elementary knowledge of Koine Greek and Classical Hebrew having taught in Western PA Bible Institute in Butler, The Lighthouse Ministry in [“Little”] Washington, PA. and Faith Seminary in Bethel Park, PA in the 1970’s. I also was honored to teach at the Charismatic Conference in 1979 at Duquesne University. I hold a Master of Bible Theology from the International Bible Institute & Seminary.

Currently I am retired and living with my wife of 50 plus years in Massachusetts.

My Publications

I have written a number of books all for five young ladies, my granddaughters.  I hope someday they might read some of this material. Most of my works are self-published. Some of my books are listed in the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center, the largest archive of pentecostal literature.

My latest Book is a commentary on Romans.

Here are a few eBooks I wrote compiled in Scrivener

  1. The Beatitudes
  2. My Poems
  3. One Solitary Life
  4. Psalm 51
  5. Theology of the Cross
  6. Isaiah 5 & Habakkuk
  7. A Reasonable Salvation
  8. Romans: Paul’s Covenant Theology

My approach to studying the Bible might be unusual, but it is very much a glimpse into who I was as a pastor.


Personal Hermeneutical Profile

The following best describes me: 

  • I depend heavily on the meaning of words
    • I believe in the absolute divine authorship, inspiration, of the original biblical text
    • I do not recognize any scriptural disjunction or inconsistency or contradiction.
  • I am a dot connector.
    • I embrace an interconnection between parts of the narrative as one story
    • I utilize the context for meaning
    • I theorize that the Scripture is one contiguous and continuous work (without tangential thought)
    • I view biblical lists as complete or finished [Τετέλεσται]: total, final, consequential, and exigent (unless there is sound reason to view a list as extendable, ejusdem generis).
  • I perceive a Biblical psychology in Scriptural truth.
    • I tend to apply Scripture to life and conduct
    • I view the message of Scripture as relevant for here and now
  • I love to teach not prophesy.
    • I maintain a simple eschatology based on John 14:1-2.
      • I recognize a two-fold interpretation of the prophecies of Scripture: Then and Yet but claim no special revelation in that regard
    • I recognize a biblical use of figures of speech
    • I am a limited literalist where the Biblical explanation requires or recognizes a strict,, concrete, factual, or exact interpretation
    • I am not a dispensationalist

The Lane

The profile picture is of “The Lane.” The lane led from the main road unto campus where I spent 3 years preparing for ministry. [My last year, I was living off campus with my bride.] I used to take walks along this path conversing with God. It now symbolizes to me all prayer.

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