How They Met the Savior

[God reveals Himself to each of us in different ways:

  1. By Proclamation: Luke 2:8-15
  2. By Prophecy: Luke 2:36-38
  3. By Providence: Luke 2:25-32
  4. By Pursuit: Matthew 2: 1-2

All were private not public declarations of His coming. We need to discover the Savior individually. God has no grandchildren. God is a personal God.]

Is there something more to the sacred lore
of that first Christmas day?
God’s unwelcome surprise wrapped in humble disguise
asleep in a bed of hay.
While the world slept in sin, in that storybook inn,
unseen, unwanted, unknown
Lay the infant Son of the eternal One
Who occupies heaven’s throne.

There was nary a sound to alert those around
that a baby was born that night;
Without word or laud came the Son of God
as if hidden out of sight,
While for her chosen part a young mother’s heart
was guarded from public display.
Is there something more to this sacred lore
of that first Christmas day?

Such a private affair with no one there
as if God had deemed it so
Until He would invite those few that night
that were chosen by Him to go
Or in the end only those called “friend”
who were waiting for his birth
(And of these we knew there were only few
upon the entire earth).

Though the clarion call would welcome all,
yet only one by one.
As we loudly sing: it’s a personal thing
to meet God’s only Son.
So in different ways and on different days
those few were bid to come
For their hearts were stirred when God’s call was heard.
They marched to a different drum.

The shepherds were first and unrehearsed
their terror turned to joy;
For, the Savior’s birth meant “Peace on Earth.”
And the sheep in their employ…
Did they bring them, too? Their excitement grew,
their enraptured faith cried out,
“Let’s go and see these things that be,
which the Lord has told us about.”

And Anna knew of the Savior, too,
but by prophecy we’re told.
No angelic chorus assembled before us
to confirm what was foretold.
It was said of her that in constant prayer
she looked for the redemption of God.
“This child,” said she, “will set Israel free.”
and heralded the message abroad.

Old Simeon devout was never in doubt
with God’s consolation forecast.
Life may then cease and he’ll go in peace
when he sees God’s salvation at last.
So the Spirit concurred and his old heart stirred
like a thousand sounding alarms
With a gentle smile he met the child
and he held him in his arms.

Then the brightest light in the Eastern night,
alerted some magi there
A journey planned through desert sand
on a vision and a prayer.
There was no dispute of their pursuit;
for, they read it in the skies.
They had gifts to bring to the infant King.
To worship Him is wise.

Is there something more to the sacred lore
of that first Christmas day?
Oh yes, indeed, it’s a sacred read.
Let each one find their way—
By the prophet’s word; some the Spirit stirred;
some a wise man’s quest to know…
So, when God says, “Come!” to meet His Son,
may we be quick to go.

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