How Healthy is Our Economy

On October 16 the evening news for the three major networks in the Boston area gave zero minutes to the economic recovery that is underway in America, although there has been a clear update of good—great—news from the market as well as other financial indicators. If its good news and there is a hint that President Trump might be credited, the media is silent?

The president has made his campaign slogan clear to all:  a nationalism which cries, America First. But is that bad?

I would encourage my reader to read more books, study a little economics, and listen to less “news.”  I would encourage all of us to roll back time to when the only news was one hour around dinner time which we heard on our radios.  24/7 reporting is oxymoronic, if you think about it.  Most of what is said is editorial blather designed only to get “clicks” on web sites or higher ratings for networks.  It appeals to a base of listeners that accept such bloviating as gospel in their innocent ignorance. (This is true on both sides of the political coin.) …I hope I didn’t just say something terrible about the woman I love who has the news on ..  a lot….  She is smart and able to sift through the morass and find something worth hearing which she will share with me on request.

Studying both sides of an issue with an open mind encourages sanity. Here is My Review —so far. I am reading two economists: one is a conservative and one is a liberal.

How Healthy is Our Economy?


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