I Have Left Facebook

I have left Facebook which in recent days has meant increased stress as well as a degree of tension with persons I love.  Social media, to retain its innocent interests, should continue to display the meaningful and delightful movements of each day and not political explanations or strong negative feelings—as it has become.  

Taking a step back into the past, pre-facebook times, for me is a wise choice.  I can be reached by email (and snail mail for those who have the address),  or I can be text’d (if you have that number). Only serious friendships will use these media.

So much political opinion floats about on social media, none of which concerns me but character assassination (and those whose think this is not happening on the national scene are by this mindset in favor of it)—character assassination—is  something I positively disassociate from on all levels: political, social, and domestic.  I am outspoken against it.  I am best off Facebook. (I do not use my Twitter account.  It serves the Mrs.)

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