The Smallest Thing

It was somewhere in 1999 …ish.  I sat at my computer attempting to work but finding it impossible because of a severe headache.  I was informed later by an orthopedic doctor that I may have had a pinched nerve (a cervicogenic headache[?].  I don’t speak doc-eze!) that was probably the result of the way I slept or watched TV.  Later I would have physical therapy to correct this but for now my right temple was throbbing to the drumbeat of my body at war.  How I must have mistreated it!  It mattered not that I did this to myself by not practicing correct posture. The persistent pain and my discomfort exceeded my tolerance for it and I began to call out for Jesus to be merciful.  I was not swearing; I was praying.  My fists were clinched in sympathy. My jaws quivered while the muscles of my face locked them in a tightening grip of agony, I begged Jesus to do something.  And then suddenly, without any notice, I sneezed one violent, head whipping sneeze. My head was thrown forward.  Tethered to my neck it snapped back.  The pain was immediately cut down to a bearable level.  That was for me an answer to a prayer! This is such a small “miracle” it probably doesn’t qualify for my attention, but the timing with my plea for God’s help should not go unnoticed.

Learning to trust God in the small things, prepares us to trust Him in the big.  It is best to find Him faithful in the smallest thing; so, that we will look for Him when the bigger challenges to our faith come along. That “big” thing, perhaps, for me was yet to come when I would be diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer.

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