The Christmas Grinch

I understand the Grinch is poised
To steal away our Christmas joys—
All the gifts we bought and more
Anchored off the Western shore.

I’m told there’s nothing we can say
To get them here by Christmas day;
There’s nothing any one can do!
We need a few more truckers, too!

The worst thing still of what could be
No presents and no Christmas tree!
It can’t be true, but this I fear,
That Christmas may not come this year!

What of the doll for Cindy Lou,
The youngest of the family Who?
“She’ll simply have to be content!”
So says our honored President.

As I recall in ’56
Through Christian love, not politics,
The gifts beneath our lighted tree
Were thoughts of others’ charity.

Then welfare checks did not exist
But neighbors kept a Christmas list.
Our presents came from here and there
From those who had the heart to share.

There is a grinch, we may surmise,
Whose heart is of the smaller size,
And some might wait for it to grow,
Though all this time, it hasn’t; so,

We must rethink what Christmas means
What can’t be stole by devilish schemes,
What economic ups and downs
Imposed or not by crowns or clowns
Can never take away from us
And there’s no ifs, or ands, or buts.

Christmas is a manger scene
The heavens in a deep serene
The brightness of one evening star
That lite the night both near and far,

That heralded our coming King
Of which, back when, we used to sing;
The day our Savior came to earth;
The day young Mary gave Him birth.

I guess the thing I want to say
God’s gifts cannot be stole away.

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