How I Know God Is Real.

How do I know God is real and that He cares about me?  The evidence is anecdotal rather than hard scientific “fact.” But think of it: if God is real to me, it means that He is in someway in my life and sharing my experiences.  That’s the quintessential definition of “anecdotal.” To depend on “science” for answers is to expect God to be a part of the science ..but He was the creator of it (its author) not the science itself. If you comb the heavens to find God, you will see His handiwork but not Him.  He dwells among His people!

And without faith it is impossible to please 
God, because anyone who comes to him must 
believe that he exists and that he rewards 
those who earnestly seek him. Hebrews 11:6

Why depend on a faith in the science that God made when we can have that faith in Him directly? God affects creation. He is not affected by it.

In 1967 with daddy near death, I traveled home from college to begin the summer’s task of working for the city of Buffalo, NY. at a housing development: mowing lawns and burning trash. I was 22 and a believer but not at all happy. The job was difficult for me—life was difficult:  dad was dying from a bad heart; my younger sister and mom argued a lot; mom needed an operation; and this job stunk—oh, did I mention, I proposed marriage to “my girl” and she said, “No.”

So, I got on a Greyhound bus and headed back to school under the pretense I was looking for better work. (I was self-deceived and desperate.) There is no work in Montgomery county, PA. for a boy without wheels. The bus would drop me off at the end of the country lane that connected to campus and I would walk it alone, now utterly despondent and without a clue. What now?

Let’s just stop here. If something encouraging could happen here that could not have been anticipated or planned, might we think God was alert to my reckless behavior and He interceded? I had been home almost 4 weeks (from memorial day to June 21, the day I went back). School was in summer recess (a ghost town) and not even the faculty members who lived on campus could be seen.

But just off the main path, out in the open, painting the side of an old shack for a little extra cash, was my Greek teacher, Rev. Grazier, the one faculty member I had connected with the past 3 semesters at school.  He lived in or near Conchohocken, PA. around 40 minutes drive to the school. I would never have guessed to see him there.

He was the one person I would have arranged to see, however, if I had arranged anything but I had no way of reaching him nor did I think to. He was the one person God could use to speak to my soul, to encourage me to do the right thing and go home, to let God work out the knot in the tangled thoughts in my mind. (Sadly, daddy would die June 23.)

(Years later, I would call Rev. Grazier for more advice.  He even came to our wedding reception!  He missed the wedding—traffic.)

I called mom after conversing with my Greek professor and left for home. He “proved to be an encouragement to me.” [Colossians 4:11 CSB]

Would God ever step in to simply put His arm about me and encourage me to “wait on Him”? I have no doubts any more.

Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you
are the God of my salvation; I wait for you
all day long. [Psalm 25:5 CSB]
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