[I have suspended my weekly blog but find myself still wanting from time to time to record a thought or two. ]

I have been apoplectic and at  times flummoxed and haunted by the election prospects this year for the presidency of the United States of America.  I’ll probably vote—or at least appear to when I enter that curtained booth on November 8—but for whom I will vote is still undecided. But I am now at last ataraxic since it dawned on me that none of the rhetorical ravings that pass for campaign promises really matter for a true believer in Christ’s imminent return because our hope is in the establishment of His eternal government.  To that end, we are, first and foremost, citizens of that kingdom.

…our citizenship is in heaven — Philippians 3:20

Here is my reasoning:

  • As voters, we are being manipulated or promised the moon by ideologues that merely reflect our greatest hopes but not any politician’s ability to make good.
  • Is Trump unfit to be president?
    The New York Herald May 19, 1860 commenting on Abraham Lincoln's nomination for president at the Republican National Convention.

    The New York Herald May 19, 1860 commenting on Abraham Lincoln’s nomination for president at the Republican National Convention.

    This conclusion made by republican Washington insiders is obvious because their power structure is seriously threatened by a prospective Trump presidency.

  • We fail to understand that it takes a certain ‘type’ of personality to pull off the kind of leadership needed to arrest the slow but discernible erosion of our national identity.  That personality type is NOT the stuff lawyers/politicians are made of.  To continue to ask a government of lawyers to heal our nation is comparable to asking a divorce lawyer to heal a marriage.  That’s not what they do!
  • TrumpPence ClintonKaneLies, law suites, third grade level name calling—somehow the election process has become a joke to those of us who are serious about casting an informed vote.
  • Rigged primaries and elections in AMERICA!  Who doubts it, except those whose continuance in power requires them to misrepresent this glaring reality? We are finally admitting that we are a republic and not a democracy. (And the old political machinery of the early 1900’s has merely gone underground.  Elections have nothing to do with our vote because we don’t choose who wins the primaries.  We cannot say what could have been had the meddling with the process never occurred.)

Donald Trump is not a politician …I got that. He’s a businessman.  The question is:  Are we more comfortable with politics as usual —even if we have been tormented by this—than take a chance on a new presentation that, at this point in time, sounds exciting?  Are we more comfortable with the rhetoric that we are familiar with than the strange new talk of someone who doesn’t know the rules of public persuasion?

Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.


  • Trump is not a conservative.  rooseveltHe is a progressive conservation as was our 33rd president, Eisenhower.1  Is that good or bad? The transition between Truman and Eisenhower  has the promise of real progress if we can impose the wisdom of history on a parallel  Obama/Trump transition. [?]
  • The press reporting has morphed into a vicious brand of yellow journalism2 …and we miss having a Teddy Roosevelt to control them.3
    • In my lifetime, I think I have observed the country slowly moving left….  Politicians have exponentially increased our national debt promising the poor a ‘Great Society’ or a ‘New Deal’ or a ‘Fair Deal’ and all that has been accomplished is guaranteeing the poor man’s vote through an economic addiction to government support….4  It has been a vicious cycle of money for votes.
  • America has come to confuse conservatism with religious fundamentalism and ‘she’ is slowly moving away from the principles and norms traditionally held by the, so-called, religious right.  To a country that supports gay marriage, pro-choice, political correctness, and the ‘new normalcy’—to use a postmodern phrase—a far right religious morality no longer rings true.  The change has been subtle but discernible.  Even the language has been adjusted accordingly.
    • Prisons are correctional facilities— a nice idea to minimize a national guilt for incarcerating the most people as a country.
    • Abortions are a woman’s right to her own body—even though, the life inside her is NOT she.
    • In New York City, misgendering is a crime.
    • A man can now use the woman’s bathroom under the notion he would prefer being a woman (transgender).
    • TV-MA is a tag for extreme violence and nudity becoming more and more popular as networks compete for viewers.  It’s all, simply, crazy!!

GodsHandWe, obviously, do not know who will win in November, but should I worry?  I look to another kingdom, a theocracy, that is based on God’s leadership.  (It is what I am suppose to be all about as a believer.) We just need to get by the prophecy of the Revelator—in which, incidentally, America will play no role, even if we still exist as a country with any national pride and identity.  What happens to our country—as a nation—is, prophetically speaking, a moot point.

In a very real and practical sense, by faith, I cast my vote for the return of Christ.  …and now I am at peace.

[I am thinking about purchasing an onion-skin, leather-bound, King James version of the Bible—like I had years ago; if I can find one—and enjoy reading it while I exercise a simpler faith in its message and await our Lord’s return.]

1“When Eisenhower talked off the cuff, listeners were always impressed with his warmth and sincerity. When he spoke from a text, he appeared wooden and pedantic. Was Eisenhower a democrat or a republican?  That was a question veteran leaders on both sides of the aisle found themselves asking.”  [Jean Edward Smith’s ‘Eisenhower,’ pg 446.]

2In yellow journalism, the idea was to stir up the public with sensationalism, and thus sell more papers. If, in the process, a social wrong was exposed that the average man could get indignant about, that was fine, but it was not the intent (to correct social wrongs) as it was with true investigative journalists and muckrakers. The muckrakers [“The term was original with Roosevelt.” Henry F. Pringle. Roosevelt. (NY: Barnes & Nobles Books, 1956). pg 300.] would become known for their investigative journalism.  —see Wiki

3Roosevelt’s brand of progressivism and trust busting infuriated the republican party (though he was a republican).  Mark Hannah, McKinley’s campaign manager had become an emblem of “the liaison between big business and government.” Roosevelt needed to wrest the political power from him  Goodwin, p. 292.

4 In a recent study the Cato Institute found that the total package of welfare benefits under the Obama administration has risen so high that in 35 out of 50 states it now pays more than a minimum wage job.  Liberal states like Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Maryland, and California provide well around $35,000 which is 70% of the US mean income for a family of four in 30 states. The study showed ….[that government assistance]  pays more then the starting wage for a secretary in 11 states. It pays more than the first year wage for a teacher in …. Hawaii.  In Massachusetts, persons on welfare can take home more money than an entry level computer programmer. see Work vs Welfare report