[Jesus …will not be like [those] …who view the present world as the only one, nor will He be like the unworldly who yearns for the future with an unconcern about the present. There is grief work to be done in the present that the future may come. — Walter Brueggmann, “The Prophetic Imagination” p. 119 Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh. Luke 6:21]

There’s an unseen world that’s impervious,
To the sadness of our day,
A world unknown and mysterious—
But the veil always lifts when we pray.⁠1

It is mostly a place that beforehand
We imagine in the words of a song
Of a promised though never explored land,
Where we know in our souls we belong.⁠2

We are dreamers who share in the promise
Of a beautiful world to possess—
Though for many a sad, doubting Thomas
They must see to believe it, I guess⁠3

It might seem whenever we’re hurting
Much too fancy a thought to be true,
But “a place” our Lord is asserting
“I go and prepare for you.”⁠4

Oh! The discourse of men can’t explain this!
What assurance of infinite grace!
Words tied to this life can’t make plain this
Gloriously incomprehensible place!⁠5

If we try to interpret this picture,
This world in its wondrous array,
There is little, alas, in the Scripture
To redress any mournful dismay.⁠6

So whenever our hearts sink in sorrow
Our eyes are awash with our tears,
Let us cling to a hoped for tomorrow
When God will have quelled all our fears.⁠7

These are glories not seen but in vision
Of joys unimagined, unheard;
God’s promise is God’s sure provision
If we will but trust in His Word.⁠8

The Spirit encouragingly whispers
Of glories outside of this realm.
For us who by faith become listeners
Of wonders that now overwhelm,⁠9

Be assured,  what this life must conceal,
In that moment, that one final sigh,
A new world God’s grace will reveal,
“In the twinkling,” Paul said, “of an eye.”⁠10

We shall enter to dancing and singing
Wearing righteousness as a white gown
With heavenly accolades ringing
And eternal life worn as a crown.⁠11

And when this life, finally, loses its focus
In this once unseen world we shall sing—
Like the winter’s flowering crocus
Announcing the coming of Spring!⁠12

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