[Ps. 38:9 NLT You know what I long for, Lord; you hear my every sigh.]

Locked within the old man’s heart
A thousand unshared sermons lie.
No longer asked to play a part—
How ageless is his sigh!

It seems for near a hundred years
His faith inspired truth;
His loyal search for listening ears,
Enjoying endless youth.

But now his strength is all but spent,
His eyesight growing dim,
His stately form now old and bent
They have no use for him.

The times have changed. The church has too.
The world with hatred filled.
He serves no purpose in their view
The old man’s voice is stilled

His thoughts like some forgotten dreams
That may have past him by,
So old, discarded, so it seems—
No-one to hear his sigh.

His pastor’s heart throughout his life
Had shared both joys and tears.
In blessings oft or grief ran rife,
For many, many years.

God’s Word, the song his soul would sing,
Oft caused his heart to race;
His spirit oft had taken wing
To find a higher place.

Now old, oh how His passions long
To preach the Truth once more.
This is, he knows, where he belongs
What life is really for.

But he retired; he’s far too old
To share his heart as then
The bema now, as I am told,
Remains for younger men.

Still he longs to have the chance
To honor God once more,
To view the saints with watchful glance
To feel his spirit soar.

To share God’s love and living hope,
For which the saints do yearn
To don once more the sacred robe
And herald Christ’s return

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