The great day of the LORD is near—
Near and quickly drawing nigh.
Destruction, loss and bitter tears
For the Mighty Warrior’s battle cry.

A day of wrath and not too soon
a day of trials, a day of doom.
a day of trouble, of waste and ruin.
a day of darkness, a day of gloom:

Blackest nights, a day of clouds
A darkened darkness that enshrouds

The trumpet warns with battle roar
The corner towers will be no more.

But beyond the rivers suppliants sing
A scattered people with offerings.

No violence rages in their eyes
And no deceit upon their tongue
No more guile and no more lies.
A song of praise and worship sung.

Like precious lambs in pastures graze
Which lie contented all their days
No longer will they be dismayed
In safety they are unafraid.

The LORD your God is ever near,
The Mighty One, what shall they fear?
He takes delight in all His sheep
With joyous song He’ll safely keep
While they lie down in peaceful sleep

His flock, all gathered, now at rest
A time to heal all those oppressed
And to the glory of His name
He sent His word to heal the lame
And all who ever suffered shame.

His word fulfilled for all who roam
To gather them and bring them home.

All peoples, let us praise our Lord
For freedom now has been restored.

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