The Month Before Christmas

[On Black Friday, the Day after Thanksgiving in the U.S.A]

’Twas the month before Christmas and all through the stores
Shoppers pushing and shoving, galumphing the floors
Racing to claim something all of us need
Forsaken of reason, and in a stampede.
Some widget or gadget or other device
They’ll buy it on credit, regardless of price;
Large paneled TV sets, sounds systems, and such
A cabinet, table or sofa or hutch.
“We’ll take it all now and later we’ll pay!”
And grunting and groaning they schlep it away.

And everywhere scattered, the girls and the boys
Excited and wild survey all the toys—
A massive explosion was found on isle four
With various models all over the floor;
Yet no one is minding the messes so much
With shoppers all panicked and in a great rush.

My mind tends to wander to yesteryear’s scene
When visiting stores was more ordered, serene
With children corralled and life was on pause
To visit the store then to see Mr. Claus.
We sat in his lap and gave him our list
We waited for Christmas to see what he missed.

’Twas the season of giving for family and friend
And now I am wondering: when did it end?
When mother regaled with a seasonal spread
And Santa would find us asleep in our bed.
And that favorite toy that he set near the tree
Meant hours of fun and enjoyment for me—
Or sister her dolly—and we understood
That Santa delivered and Santa did good.
It didn’t take much to enthrall us back when
Mom found what we wanted “in secret” back then.
On the night before Christmas a while before dawn
I would race to the tree but Santa was gone.

The change that is saddest of all, yet, for some
Is losing the truth that a Savior has come.
The candlelight service, the carols we sung
The message of Christmas I cherished when young.
I agree! But the thrust of my tale of all tales
Is that Christmas meant family not shopping and sales.

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