The Magic In A Loving Kiss

[“A kiss…. ….. is just a kiss….
Until it’s all you reminisce.
(Then the memory becomes your most treasured possession.)” ― Ranata Suzuki

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine; ” ― Solomon]

If I live a hundred years or more
As a child in a candy store
Still sweeter far than all of this
Is the magic in a loving kiss.

From slobbered cheeks and drizzling drool
Of an infant’s charm and out-of-school
To experiments in youthful yen…
The kiss, sweet Eden’s gift to men!

There’s magic when two lips caress.
That allurement in a lover’s kiss,
Their touch, their breath, most worthy of
An ardent proof of ageless love.

A world of hurt must disappear.
It bids adieu the lingering tear.
This healing touch! This soul’s embrace!
This wonder of a mortal grace!

(A kiss forgives a thousand woes;
Amongst the thorns there thrives the rose).

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