The Magic in My Lover’s Kiss

[“A kiss…. ….. is just a kiss….
Until it’s all you reminisce.
(Then the memory becomes your most treasured possession.)” ― Ranata Suzuki

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine; ” ― Solomon]

If I live a hundred years or more
As a child in a candy store
Still sweeter far than all of this
Is the magic in my lover’s kiss.

From slobbered cheeks and drizzling drool
Like an infant’s charm and out-of-school
To experiments in youthful yen…
(We’d kiss, and kiss and kiss back then!)

Such rambling thoughts of yesteryear,
Of ambience and atmosphere,
Imprisoned now in amber bliss!
Sweet memories of a timeless kiss!

There’s magic when two lips caress.
That allurement in a lover’s kiss,
Mesmeric breath most worthy of
An ardent proof of ageless love.

A world of hurt must disappear.
It bids adieu the lingering tear,
This healing touch, this soul’s embrace,
This wonder of a mortal grace.

(A kiss forgives a thousand woes;
Amongst the thorns there thrives the rose).

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