The Lord’s Return

Within the Mountain of the Lord
The great majestic voice is heard.
She traveleth a quaking earth
And giveth genius Godly birth.

Oh may the mountains shake again,
The chasms bellow deep within
The nations tremble in the sod
Of the earth the Lord hath trod.

Ye rivers! Dare ye hold your dead!
For no one save the Lord hath said,
‘Give up, give up!’ And ye shall give.
The Lord hath spoken. They shall live.

Within the apple of His eye
The Lord is visioned drawing nigh
And with the kingdoms’ anguished groan
The Lord is rising from His throne,

Give ear, oh earth, for now I see
The Lord in all His sovereignty
Has risen from the royal throne
To take possession of His own.

All heaven echoes with the cry
of Love and cringes neath the sigh
Of wrath to him who dares draw nigh
To touch the apple of His eye!

Ye children of the King of Kings,
The highest heavens anthem rings:
‘Reclaim your field of golden hue,
The field the Lord hath given you,

For you the Pride of Zion’s God
And now the glory of His rod
And yours the genius of His throne.
The Lord returneth for His own.

written 1966 – Zechariah 2:8 & 13

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