The Lane

On peaceful days ‘neath bluest skies
Or worries led where sunlight dies
It mattered not in bliss or bane
With God beside I’d walk the lane.

I shared my heart as oft we strolled
And that’s a story never told:
My joys and sadness, virtue, sin
I begged His ear time and again.

No task dare drew my heart away
From this hour at the end of day!
For, the sweetest time of all was when
I’d walk the lane with God again.

The lane in symbol speaks of more
Than what it was. In Christian lore,
Is this the path the Savior said
Is the narrow road of which I read?

I walk this lane with Him where few
Return this way to walk it too.
No angered crowds to dare impeach,
His garment’s hem within my reach.

And somehow like a healing balm
His presence brings a lasting calm
As I walk with Him where troubles cease
And He bestows a lasting peace.

And maybe near my heavenly home
There is a path that I might roam
I’ll ask my Savior once again,
For old time’s sake, let’s walk the lane.

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