The Child I Was

[The early years for this little muddy urchin on the West Side of Buffalo, N.Y. were filled with sickness including life-threatening asthma and bronchial pneumonia. God chose to stay by my bedside until His peace signaled all is well. There was no greater time of life for me as when I was introduced to the presence of God. I shall be forever grateful. Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. — Proverbs 22:6 NIV]

There’s an adage told which was true of old
In the record of history:
That the child I was and the child I am is the child I’ll always be.

A proverbial thought that you and I ought
Embrace as foundational truth
That the person we are is the person we were: the blueprint was set in youth.

Soft clay is best, we must attest,
That the artist’s touch can mold.
Formative years thus tell the tale of the man I am when old.

What youth provides is a lifelong guide,
A compass for the way.
What we’ll someday be was formed back then and it’s what we are today.

That we cease to change should not sound strange.
We are like the sprouting oak
The prevailing winds decide the form that inspires the artist’s stroke.

So how I was raised in those early days
When I was two or three,
The child I was and the child I am is the child I’ll always be.

And I for one am a grateful son
For all that came my way
How the grace of God through good and bad made me what I am today.

And now I’m old and if truth be told
I’ll be forever glad:
How I fell in love with the thought of God when I was but a lad.

The desire to pray I have today
And which is a part of me
Is the child I was and the child I am and the child I’ll always be.

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