Redefining Marriage

Same-sex marriage is now a fact of life with state after state endorsing it as a bonafide marriage contract. This has brought me to reconsider the subject hopefully without prejudice and just a soupçon of bias. I have come to the conclusion in studying the, so-called, relevant scripture that God does not approve. But by the same Biblical message I cannot limit God’s grace in matters of the heart. I have worked with gay men before and found them non-threatening on any level. They are not the group trying to discredit my Bible or my God. Quite the opposite, they want to be included in the redeemed and wish God would not toss them aside simply because of the preferences of love.

Additionally, heterosexuals are living with divorce, premarital intimacy—how polite I can be—and cold war relationships. They, too, have sought for the elusive happiness that romantic dreams are made of. It is a little known fact that romantic novels are a woman’s playboy—at least that was the case in a less visible society.

Some of the most romantic songs have been written and sung by indivudals whose own romantic existence is in shambles. I say that respectfully.

I am married—in case you were wondering—to the same woman for more than four decades, and yes, she is the only woman I have ever known in the biblical sense, and, yes, I love her which is none of your business—if you care to know. But none of this means ‘spit’ when it comes to the real issue of finding a soul mate with whom the happiness of life, like the peace of God, becomes the guiding hand of providence. And pleasure, satisfaction, security, fulfillment, and significance become life’s companions. We’re talking Christ-centered….right?  Same-sex married people maintain that homosexual behavior is appropriate within the confines of a committed, loving, monogamous, lifelong, Christ-centered relationship—essentially, arguing that a Christ-centered marriage is a good thing, regardless of the gender of the people involved.

Here is my two cents.

The divine vision was, indeed, a man and a woman. This is ideal for procreation, but beyond that, God did not take two ribs from Adam’s chest. Notwithstanding the medical implications of missing ribs, I see the Divine design as one on one which we have called the Henotic relationship after the Greek word hen meaning one. Other scripture at least hint at this conclusion, Additionally, God claimed to hate divorce but according to Jesus, it was allowed because men’s hearts couldn’t find the secret of happiness anymore with one wife, Then Jesus takes us back to Eden to remind us of the henotic relationship God created. Divorce and remarriage, call girls, harems are all the same: The hen of the Garden is gone.
Milton attempts a description of God’s dream. John Milton’s Paradise Lost (book 4, lines 325-340) describes the bliss of the first couple, and it does show why Eden—which means pleasure in Hebrew—is Eden.

Under a tuft of shade that on a green [325]
Stood whispering soft, by a fresh Fountain side
They sat them down, and after no more toil
Of thir sweet Gardning labour then suffic’d
To recommend coole Zephyr, and made ease
More easie, wholsom thirst and appetite [330]
More grateful, to thir Supper Fruits they fell,
Nectarine Fruits which the compliant boughes
Yielded them, side-long as they sat recline
On the soft downie Bank damaskt with flours:
The savourie pulp they chew, and in the rinde [335]
Still as they thirsted scoop the brimming stream;
Nor gentle purpose, nor endearing smiles
Wanted, nor youthful dalliance as beseems
Fair couple, linkt in happie nuptial League,
Alone as they. About them frisking playd [340]

I am reminded of the Song of Solomon 5:8, the Message: ‘Please tell him I want him, that I’m heartsick with love for him.

Wow!! Count me in!!!

But you see, that image is gone since Eve and Adam—just as much, if not more to blame then Eve—were driven from Eden. ( We get our word Hedonism from the word Eden—or we should, since the root looks the same and the meaning is the same, Pleasure. )

Garden in Greek is Paradise. The Garden of Eden was a paradise of pleasure which God created. That was HIS idea not ours, and all the dreams now broken and the  impulses now frustrated and the longings now unreachable were once a way of life in the mind of the Creator before the fall.

Good news!!  God’s not a quitter, so, stay tuned.