An old man now; it’s all the rage
To finally reach a ripe old age—
The youthful draw from long ago
No longer has my heart in tow.

Theology, now, is not my thing.
The Psalms, yes, have a truer ring;
They speak of life – a clearer truth
Than what I pondered in my youth.

The signposts left along the way
Are markers where I stopped to pray
Enlisting angels in the strife—
A testimonial to my life.

So much has changed along the way
Some good, some not. What can I say!
But there can never be regret,
I’ve learned to love—forgive, forget.

In times of deep reflection prone
There are some memories that I own,
Occasions of a gentler touch—
The harder times, not so much.

My sweetheart, too, I saw her change
Nothing scary, nothing strange;
For many years, she called me, “John”
But now I’m known to her as ‘Hon.’

The night nurse used to come at three,
And smiling so annoyingly—
Her kindness, now, is cherished time
For I’m no longer in my prime.

The world has memes, a social bent,
I view in puzzled wonderment
Where he’s are she’s if that’s their yen
And boys are girls and gals are men.

But now I move a slower pace.
I have no runner in this race.
I leave to God the world at large,
These things no longer in my charge.

What caught my eye and fantasy
Seems now a distant memory.
One passion left; I’m looking toward
That glorious day I meet my Lord.

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