Redefining Marriage Pt. 5

Men are from Mars; Women from Venus?  This is a poetic way of saying there is a difference psychologically and emotionally between men and women.  Dr. Abraham Maslow theorized such a thing as maleness and femaleness and no group is more cognizant of this difference than same-sex partnerships.  They choose likeness over the challenging tension accompanying a romantic relationship with the opposite gender.

A single couple in a garden at the beginning of time might be mythological in your opinion and it might challenge evolution, but the bigger question for those who believe in a God who makes things happen, is it God’s vision?

Eve for Adam was not one of many Divine choices—as if by pure chance and not by design God choose to make woman from man.  Not to get philosophical but the fact that this combination can ‘be fruitful and multiply’ is only incidental to the main point.  God could make any arrangement for the genesis of the human race but He choose—planned—one of each.  Since we do not ascribe mere co-incidence but intelligent design to the creative mind of God, it remains to explain how this kind of relationship alone could explain the ‘two shall be one’ idea He had envisioned.

If I am right that Adam and Eve, was a Divine idea not incidental but germane to the social and psychological creation of family and therefore society, there is no arguing other scriptures.  The simple truth is that all sexual relationships—in thought or deed—outside of this marriage of one man and one woman has to be outside His thoughts and, thus, considered sinful.  There can be no interpretation of any scripture elsewhere in God’s Word to even suggest otherwise without bringing the words of God into conflict.

This is why in blogging this subject, I did not and will not list controversial texts—controversial because gays feel compelled to offer another interpretation other than the conservative or christian view.  I subscribe to the conservative view.  There.  Now, you made me say it!  However, to assign a place in hell for all gays as if this was the unpardonable sin goes too far.  I leave that matter to the grace of God, like I do for hetero-sexuals who are having affairs and doing all other kinds of unthinkable stuff.

God snapped the picture of Adam and Eve each with a peaceful, satisfying and fulfilling smile, arms locked.

We lost the photo!

So, Adam, why Eve?

The center of my belief is that Eve was somehow the piece to a puzzle whose other piece was Adam.  I maintain that Eve brought emotional and psychological resources and strengths that equipped her to provide meaning to Adam’s existence that alone he could not.  And the flip is also true.

Two people—same sex—living in harmony are not in conflict because they can understand and sympathize with each other’s weaknesses but they cannot provide the strength to compliment it.  Men and women struggle to understand each other and often fail miserably at it even after a lifetime, but that only supports the idea that they were made for each other.  Her softness and his rough exterior, her tears and his anger, her reasoning and his confusion simply say they have not figured out how to tap into each others beneficial self.  To the degree they do, harmony becomes more than a ceasing of hostilities; it is a genuine sense of belonging and being together that confirms and validates each others role in life and reason for being.

If a husband and wife reach any degree of union through intimacy and the communication of heart and soul, they have at last learned to love each other and they have discovered each other in the crowd we call humanity .

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