Redefining Marriage Pt. 2

It has come to my attention that in my last blog about Redefining Marriage I was not clear as to where I stood on the subject of gay marriage.  I shall hope to clarify this in this blog but before I do I need to clarify something about me.

I have repeatedly in the past been controversial or simply misinterpreted in print; so, I have come to accept this as a part of the process of writing down my thoughts for public interpretation.  We all run that risk to some degree because readers necessarily filter what they read through the sieve of their understanding of things.  Additionally I often step out on that weak limb to get a glimpse of an idea that might be unusual and more easily missed.  I guess this time the limb broke?

You need to know, too, that my theological view of things is not what motivates me to write.  If you didn’t know what I believed on the subject of same-sex relationships, you are not alone and it was no mystery that you could read my blog and still not quite figure it out.  Only the people closest to me that have heard me ramble on about this and that might be able to see through my dialog to my beliefs.  This group is small, a few close friends and my family who are my closest friends.

I do not see a reason to apologize for anything I said in this blog under review.  I gave it deep thought and felt and still feel very good about saying what I said.  Nor do I think I need to re-word anything—not at the present time.  It was my intention solely to point out that broken relationships and relationships outside the blessing of God’s promises are all indicators of the ‘fall.’

I purposely did not want to start quoting Scriptures.  Any minister of the Gospel can do that and I will say ‘Amen!’ to his comments, but in this article I attempted an explanation of human longing that followed Adam’s and Eve’s departure from paradise.

In Jots & Tittles  in the chapter “Sin? I’ll Drink to That” I quote Robert G. Girdlestone in his Synonyms of the Old Testament

The pictorial power of the Hebrew language is seldom exhibited more clearly than in connection with the various aspects of evil. Every word is a piece of philosophy; nay, it is a revelation. The observer of human affairs is painfully struck by the wearisomeness of life, and by the amount of toil and travail which the children of men have to undergo to obtain a bare existence; he sees the hollowness, vanity, and unreality of much that seems bright and charming at first; … The Hebrew Bible meets us with a full acknowledgement of these manifold aspects of human suffering, and blends wrong doing and suffering to a remarkable degree, setting forth sin in its relation to God, to society, and to a man’s own self…

That’s what I am seeing in broken and sinful relationships and that is what I was writing about and will continue to write about as long as my pen has ink.

Eden does mean pleasure and I believe that in Heaven we will experience  a level of excitement, satisfaction, enjoyment, fulfillment, peak experiences, that will make any joy we have here a forgotten boredom.

A Facebook friend—and I hope he agrees—wrote me an honest inquiry which I will answer publicly.

Hello John, I hurriedly read your recent post on “Redefining Marriage” and must confess my ignorance, John. 🙁 Perhaps it’s because you are truly on another level intellectually, but I was unable to clearly understand where you stand on this issue; while it appears that you were lending sympathy to gay marriage, I wasn’t clear as to WHY. Can you provide some clarity for me? Thanks, friend.

My response not just to my Facebook friends but all who read this:

Do I believe that gay marriage is biblical? No.
Would I marry two same sex partners to each other? No.
Do I think that God loves gays? Yes, I sure hope He does.
Do I believe it is possible for a gay individual who is not engaged in any sensuous or sexual relationship could be a recipient of divine grace? Yes.

I call Grace—just me being me—God’s Reach At Calvary Extended.

How about our love’s reach? Will it embrace a few hurting souls that need to be introduced to this Divine concept? I know it can and will.

Thanx for reading…..

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