There once was a man they called Bret
The judicial committee once met
To confirm him a jurist
But this is not surest
For their wrangling is still not done yet.

There once was a lady named Hillary
They say is worthy of pillory
But whatever and how
Is unproven for now.
So much for the extra artillery.

Two presidents: Trump and Obama
Have proposed a political trauma
They continue to fight
On the left and the right
It’s a terribly sad panorama.

There once was a President Trump
Who rallied his base on the stump
The word on the streets
He incessantly tweets
Opponents all think him a chump

They tell me that facebook is scanning
With intentions of doing some banning
It is surely enough
If you’re seeing my stuff
I apologize for all my panning.

Writing limericks is really quite silly
The wording is all willy-nilly.
But I got nothing to do
But scribble a few
As long as they’re not very frilly.

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