On Prayer

The Proof, in truth, that God is there,
The guarantee He’s true,
Is only found in a life of prayer.
It’s the same for me and you.

In grievous depth or joyous height
If we keep one eye on God,
His peace will open to our sight
The Shepherd’s staff and rod.

I cannot tell you what His will
No theology or creed
Maps out the path He takes and still
He does what He decreed.

How oft we seek but what is lust
To dream of better things
And prayer seems but a carnal trust
And faith the wealth of kings.

But that’s not prayer, No! Not at all:
Our wants but misplaced greed!
No! Prayer is mercy’s clarion call
For God to intercede.

Man’s greatest thoughts are only crumbs
Of providential fare.
The banquet spread of blessings comes
As an answer to a prayer.

And miracles are not the clue
Of God’s empowered Word.
His creative genius does imbue
Each prayerful cry that’s heard.

To walk with God as Enoch had
Speaks not of spiritual pride,
But a life’s awareness thru good and bad
Of the God who walks beside.

So, talk to Him! That is the key!
Seek Him; for, He is near.
The God Who others cannot see
Will suddenly appear.

written 2018