Little Leah’s Surprise

[Written upon the joyous expectation of daughter number 2 for our son, Josh, and his lovely wife, Cait. How will Leah, their daughter, see this new addition!?  Leah’s sister—yet to be named—is due in early December (2018).]

Little Leah nearly two
With dancing feet and playful eyes,
If only little Leah knew
There’s coming soon a big surprise.

Little Leah with thunderous noise
Laughing loud and clapping hands
Surrounded by her favorite toys,
Encircled by admiring fans.

Little Leah none beside,
Grandma’s only hug and kiss.
Little Leah, grandpa’s pride,
And everybody’s little miss.

Little Leah owns her world,
The people of her vast terrain,
But Little Leah has she heard
Another enters her domain!

Another pule, another voice,
Another wanting to be first,
Another child, another choice,
Another in her universe.

Another pair of grasping hands,
Another claim on all her things,
Another list of key demands,
Another for what Santa brings.

Another birthday not her own,
Another queen bee in the hive.
She no longer all alone,
A sister will—and soon—arrive.

A younger sister! They will be
Together—what an escapade
In pranks and all hilarity—
Two cuties on a great crusade!

(Leah not the only one
When there is someone else to shame
Think of the mischievous fun
And little sister takes the blame.)

But all the love the two shall know,
All the happiness, indeed.
All the things that she will show
When older sister takes the lead.

Little Leah nearly two
With dancing feet and playful eyes,
A little sister shortly  due—
A marvelous and great surprise.

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