In Love With A Memory

[I have often missed certain parts of my yesteryears. My recollections swell within me a nostalgia of such magnitude that one might call it “love.” I “loved” teaching as a pastor. I found cleaning as a janitor in an elementary school very rewarding. I lived the past few years still thinking these might be in my future until full retirement made the goodbye inevitable. Yes, there were a few girls as well, the best with my bride of 50 years. In those early days we had the energy to make such memories. This poem speaks of them all in romantic terms that gave this septuagenarian, in this regard, a new sense of his reality.]

I daydream of yesteryear’s romance
With twinkling eyes and sweet smiles
She invited my heart to come slow dance
To her charm and bewitching beguiles

Her voice was so soothing, the calmest
I swooned to the sound of her charming
Her words could inspire the psalmist
Her manners so loving, disarming.

Like the drawing of love’s glowing ember
When my troubles laid siege to my mind
To some time or some place I remember
I lovingly went there to find…

I’m in love!  But is it the person
The girl of romantic renown
When the anguish of life seems to worsen
When my world seems to turn upside down?

Or is it a memory stolen
Torn free from a past now so real
A heart sick of love and so swollen?
(I suppress parts I don’t want to feel.)

Just recalling some wonderful repast
A banquet of love—as its seems—
Remembering whenever downcast
The romance, some lover in dreams.

I am left with mere longing impressions
Those innocent years are now gone
For life has taught us all lessons
She is now but the words in a song.

As I read in the Good Book, it is written
Old men are sure to dream dreams
With yesteryear’s happiness bitten
But nothing is here what it seems.

For the years have undoubtedly altered
Whatever she once was to me
And romance fades, having faltered
I’m in love with her memory!

written 2018

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