I Miss the Good Old Days

[The summer of 1960 was a special time when I as one of a number of teenagers and pre-teens spent considerable time seeking the Lord. It is more than a memory. It was life changing. Many of us would continue finding an altar rail a place of great blessings.]

I really miss the good old days
When innocence was king
Before the academic haze
Questioned my pondering.

Before I thought my search for God
Might be a fabled quest
Before they said: such truth is flawed
I’m self-aware at best.

I really miss the good old days.
My faith is not a fraud!
My soul reached out in simple praise
To touch the heart of God.

When youthful hearts at altar rails
Beat strong in simple praise,
Not harrowed with presumed details
Of science—now the rage.

As Hosea pondered still exiled
While in a foreign land,
“When Israel was a little child
God led them by the hand.”

When spiritual things were wondrous new
And Jesus then was awed,
Back then there was one thing to do:
I lived to worship God.

To organ sounds in mellow strains
I worshipped God in hymn
I joyously sang the old refrains.
Time and time and again.

I thought, back then, in heart and mind,
Worship is a part of me!
And when away I’d quickly find
There’s nowhere else to be.

The Bible was the preacher’s tome
Entranced I claimed my seat,
Nowhere could I be more at home
Than “at the Master’s feet.”

Back then the message of God’s Word
Was filled with such surprise.
The greatest story ever heard
Would brighten youthful eyes!

For creation was God’s greatest act
And miracles, common place.
I saw God’s Word as surest fact:
The story of His grace.

But now we reason passed the past
And logically assume
Change means that nothing ever lasts;
So, why my gripe and gloom?

Well, some things are eternal truth
The same back then and now.
What we once had within our youth
I cannot disavow.

My heart was right when first I found
God’s peace a real thing.
There can now be no sweeter sound
Of which I care to sing.

No other truth shall I expound
Than giving God the praise—
But yesteryear’s loved sight and sound?
I miss the good old days.

written August 14, 2018

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