Fifty Years Have Come and Gone

[June 22, 2018 is our 50th wedding anniversary. Fifty years together through the good and the bad. “Happy Anniversary, Hon”]

Fifty Years have come and gone
But somehow, I must say,
Romantic love is ever young—
A child’s heart at play.

Fifty Years have come and gone
Yet life is, for my part,
A honeymoon that lingers on,
In matters of the heart.

Fifty years have come and gone.
My fondest memories thrive.
In many ways, my heart beats strong
With romance still alive.

No one denies now and again
Some maddening consequence
Would try with devilish craft to end
Such untrained innocence.

When words become a sharpened knife,
Leave feelings left to bleed,
Leave tears a major part of life
And love in desperate need.

But fifty years have come and gone
And still the romance lives
For we have found despite the wrong
That love always forgives.

Fifty years have come and gone
Now life is near complete.
But I remain forever young,
And she still just as sweet.

We’d stroll along a flowered trail
Or through a sunlit glen
Or along some railroad track and rail.
And do it all again.

We’d kiss behind some unseen tree
Or near the ocean’s roar,
Waves singing out excitedly,
God’s great attending choir.

I cherished lighter moments when
Pure silliness allowed
To see her smile erupt and then
We’d laugh and laugh out loud.

Some little thing or briefest touch,
Now treasured memories,
When ours eyes met, her smile and such…
(Not public, if you please!)

And there were times we took a chance
And boldly took life on
Challenge is a strange romance
The strangest sort of fun.

And yes, at times, life was endured.
But God was always there,
We lived back then, be most assured,
On many a whispered prayer.

Fifty years have come and gone
And we, still hand in glove,
Have journeyed all this way along
And we are still in love.

Love’s beauty blossoms unsurpassed,
In faithful perennial bloom
With fragrance that will ever last
Divinity’s “nom de plume.”

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