My Daddy, June 6,1906 – June 21, 1967 ..indeed missed.

How sad, and yet, how pleasantly surprising and meaningful, to find out after many years of passing in the night that someone built a life around you.

My memory of my dad is somewhat droll:
A part of what he was I must supply
By what I think I’ve found about the role.
The rest, perhaps, is easy to deny.

An ordinary life, a bit clichéd,
So seldom seen and seldom ever heard,
Surviving on the fringe of where I played.
My recollections incomplete and blurred.

How sad and yet how pleasant a surprise,
After many years of passing unobserved,
To find he was not at all what I surmised,
For I had been the center of his world.

On looking back there’s nothing that I see
He ever did or ever thought to do
That wasn’t done for my siblings and for me,
But this is something, then, I never knew.

Sometimes the simplest moment is assigned
The greatest, most significant task of all
To help me recollect a past and find
The missing truth that I could not recall.

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