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This work represents a general understanding I have that prayer is required for a conviction of God’s existence and presence with us. One cannot believe in someone they never talk to.

On Dreams

Does God speak to us in dreams? There is a the Bible story of Abraham and his young son, Isaac, ascending a mountain where Abraham—we are told— was  instructed by God to offer the lad to God.  We do not … Continue reading

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The Letter

Dear Grandchild, I have written this brief work to point out to you that God is much more than a church word—or a word spoken in the heat of emotion.  God can be real to you. But knowing God or … Continue reading

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On the Existence of God

I hope to have one more book to write and I can use this site for my proof-reader to review and comment on my work. The Proof, in truth, that God is there, The guarantee He’s true, Is only found … Continue reading

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