I friend from years ago read a political comment I made on my Facebook wall and he recommended I retreat from such activity and just await the election in November.  As I pondered his suggestion I came to believe he might be on to something.  Most of what we hear on the news and in blog articles is pure bias spun to make an editorial punch against or for some candidate.  It has little truth buried in the words.  I know this by reading books mostly written by the journalists who were  “there.”

On Benghazi, I read the actual non-politically motivated account as told by the contractors who were there holding the guns.

Truth is: politics is a form of religion and we tend to support our dogma [party platform] and those who claim to affiliate with it with undying devotion.  Most of us who vote  a straight ticket would do so even if the devil, himself, were on the ballot.  I spent 25 years as a clergyman and I see the similarity in the devotion between adherents to a political party and those who are long standing members of a given church.

How else do we explain riots and protests and such that turn ugly with violence?  How else can we describe such unquestioning support?  What if the Good Lord prompted your heart to vote “the other” ticket …could you?  Could I?  It is a lot like a devotion to a professional sport’s team.  I hated LeBron James for leaving Cleveland.  And then he goes and gets 2 rings with Miami.  (I hate them all!)

I fell back in love with him when he returned to Cleveland and winning it all with the Cavaliers is just the best news ever.  Do you see the analogy?

Politics, I heard said, makes strange bed-fellows. We support people religiously we either don’t know or if we did know them, we might never call them friend.  How else can we explain how we can vote someone into office only to lose all respect for their leadership once they are in?

Did you know that political enemies united in an effort to discredit the Savior? [Mark 12:13] That was because Pharisees were political as well as religious leaders.

That day Herod and Pilate became friends—before this they had been enemies. – Luke 23:12

Keep in mind, as believers, that we are ever closer to what the revelator declared is coming ..which makes  most political discussions nothing more than the palaver of those dedicated to the single cause of getting “my” party’s candidate elected.

As believers, we need to have a higher cause worth devoting our time and life to.  Don’t you think?  On election day, vote your conscience, of course, but keep always in mind that, as citizens of the Kingdom of God, ultimately, our thoughts must always turn toward Him as the focus of all our devotion.