The Presidential Debate

I am glad I didn’t listen to the last presidential debate which, according to the few news clips I saw, was, as expected, characterized as a school yard name throwing row between children–not becoming either candidate wanting to sound presidential.

I am content at last because I realize now what this election is all about. It is not about Mr. Trump’s mouth nor Mrs. Clinton’s lack of ethical character. It is all about what we, as a nation, have finally devolved into.


Mr. Trump maintained in his rallies that not to vote for him would mean the end of America as we know it. He was, and is, wrong. This is a chicken or egg scenario. This election is not a referendum on our future as a nation as much as it is a revelation of what we have become already. Now is not the time to fear unknowns as much as it is a time to embrace realities.

American Christianity should take notice—or, more accurately—be served notice. In a general sense, we have been too politicized to be focused on our true purpose but that day may soon be ending.

“John Quincy Adams was right when he told his diary the political war was to be the rule not the exception in American life: “The country is so totally given up to the spirit of party that not to follow blindfold the one or the other is an inexpiable offense.” Meacham’s “Thomas Jefferson” Pg 373.

Large numbers of Christians meeting in, so called, third world countries are, without doubt, a move of
God but large and growing churches in America may be nothing more than a corporate enterprise inspired and maintain by human effort.

socialistsAmerica has been leaning socialistic—something Eugene Debs tried unsuccessfully to accomplished running for president 5 times in the early 1900’s.

debbsDebs read various works of socialist theory and emerged … as a committed adherent of the international socialist movement. Debs was a founding member of the Social Democracy of America (1897), the Social Democratic Party of America (1898), and the Socialist Party of America (1901). -Wiki

He was convicted under the Sedition Act of 1918 and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

If Mrs. Clinton is elected the next president, this nation is affirming its interest in a socialistic agenda, including socialized medicine and a single payer health insurance, that puts America on par with Europe. (Transitioning into this political and social paradigm is another matter, though.)

socialism2 And perhaps, that’s not so bad because it underscores our need as a church to refocus our interest solely in the Cross of Christ and what it means in our theologies, our experiences and our relationships. The day of using our faith as a pawn on a political chess board of party platforms or as a mechanism for winning elections is passing. And as in Europe where missionary work for God’s kingdom is a much needed calling, America needs to rekindle the spark of what Christianity was and should be all about before the glow goes completely out.

We are not—and never had been—a Christian nation. There is no such thing. People become Christians, not nations nor governments, nor congressional committees. We—not as a nation, but as a church—need to get back to the commission delegated to us by our Lord.

“I agree with you likewise in your wishes to keep religion and government independent of each other,” Rush had told Jefferson. “Were it possible for St. Paul to rise from his grave at the present juncture he would say to the clergy who are now so active in settling the political affairs of the world: ‘Cease from your political labors your kingdom is not of this world….’” –Dr. Benjamin Rush, 1802.

On a more personal note: my intentions are to take myself back to a time when my bible was my primary source of reading and study. Then, I did this for sermon material and to address the stress of ministry but now I want to just swim in deeper waters of God’s Word devotionally and—especially, if Mrs. Clinton wins the election, to be at peace with inevitable change in the country I love.

I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. – Philippians 4:11

… but not so content that I forget to pray.