Blow Out The Candle

While men wait patiently for the dawn
Some still by candlelight labor on.
The glow, though dim, still lights the way
Faithfully until the break of day.
What man, though, lest his sense be gone
Would keep it burning past the dawn?
Would we continue by candlelight
While the morning sun is up and bright?
Why, no! When’er the sun’s about
We simply put the candle out.

And should not God Who is wiser still
According to His eternal will
E’re the candle of our life is dimmed
And the old wick is needing to be trimmed
As His Son arises in our sky
To let the flame flicker and die!?

This life is like the candle’s flame
Faithfully it burns on all the same.
For, God trims the wick time and again.
But as it happens to mortal men
The candle flickers a bit and then
The light of this mortal life is gone
But just at the breaking of the dawn.

He needs no candle who has the Son.
Or need of a moon? There is none
In the Kingdom of God where the Lamb is the Light
And the children of God there know no night.

The life is spent; the wick is worn?
But we await that eternal morn!
What man, then, lest his sense be gone
Would want it to burn on past that dawn!
Could we continue in candlelight
Though the Son of God brings the end of night?

When death is near and the angels come
To escort us to our heavenly home,
When the glory of God shines all about,
Lord, simply put the candle out.

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