Bible Study

Theology: it speaks to me
Of the burden of weightier truth
When I wished to rehearse only cherished verse
That I studied in my youth.

When the preacher ‘saith’ that in childlike faith
“Hear the message of the Cross!”
(And that all should learn of Christ’s return)
This must not “suffer loss.”

But alas, there’s grades, or doctrinal shades
Of meaning still to learn.
The best nuance for he who wants
To notice or discern.

This I hungered for, and all the more,
My mind between, betwixt,
At scholarly feet to be complete
I sat with focus fixed.

You have to see: A college degree
Gives credence to what is told.
Others have listened to those commissioned,
Ceremonially extolled.

So I studied Greek—the geekiest geek—
And I studied Hebrew too.
And the learnéd texts and the most complex
Of the scholars’ works anew.

But what has last as time has past
My life time now nearly done?
What was I taught of the truth I sought?
What have I learned, my son?

Well, I have found .. some thing profound
In typological code
In bible lore or metaphor,
In hymn, psalm, chant, or ode.

In religious creed all are agreed
Though arguments abound
What God has done through Christ, His Son,
Is gloriously renowned.

By Ancient bard, on broken shard,
The Story was proclaimed.
When Jesus was spied “Hosanna,” they cried.
His name above all others named.

And the ancient script in scroll and crypt
The Story is forever etched;
By poetic blush or artistic brush
Forever in splendor sketched.

No more laments of accouterments
(I have shed them now that I’m old)
Of a dogmatic stand once my demand.
It has lost its right to be told.

From the scholar’s role to the preachers’ goal—
Yes, here is what I learned:
The circle ends where it begins
In the Cross and our Lord’s return.


Who is it he is trying to teach? To whom is he explaining his message? – Isaiah 28:9.
Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed? – Isaiah 53:1.

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