At Home

On distant shores ‘cross beckoning seas
Where lies all youthful dreams,
Travelers set their vision’s course
But nothing’s what it seems.
While seeking exploration’s prize,
Possessed with driven zeal
Excited for desired things,
They boldly set the keel.

But distant shores seemed in retreat,
Though gentle breezes blew,
Unchartered worlds of greater things
Just never came in view.
And finally, they came to rest
Upon an unmapped shore
And life reduced to mundane tasks,
Alas and nothing more.

Utopian dreams of endless bliss
In some far distant land
Will never prove far better than
What is found at hand.
Seek treasure where you find yourself,
In family and in friends
Invest yourself in who you are,
In life’s small dividends.

The time will come when every life
Like talents from the Lord
Will learn it’s worth in how we lived
According to His Word.
Why endless searches far and wide?
Why must we always roam?
While treasures of a worthy life
Are only found “at home.”

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