As Enoch Walked

[Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away. — Genesis 5:24 NIV]

Lord, may I walk, like Enoch walked, that You would merit praise,
A holy walk, impassioned heart, to follow in Your ways,
As Enoch walked along with You communing as he went
While You conversed as friend with friend in mutual consent
Until one day You would conclude the friendship needed more
And Enoch past the threshold through Heaven’s opened door.

So when this journey’s end at last reveals what is to be,
May I, Dear Lord, like Enoch had, find myself as he,
In chrysalis all time transformed into that glorious day,
When evermore to walk with You is just one step a way.

Lord, keep me from mere self pursuit with Heaven out of view
Instead may I stay true through life by walking close to You.
And if perchance I walk this earth not mindful of Your grace
Still living on a temporal plane and not a higher place,
Lord, raise me to that heavenly sphere where fellowship is sweet
On “higher ground,” as once we sang, I pray, “Lord, plant my feet.”

For some this is a sudden change, a fearful chasm wide
And not a painless final step at this life’s eventide.
But Lord, I pray, as Enoch had, may I approach the gate
With quickened step  and joyous shout, “I simply cannot wait!”

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