My ministry as a pastor/teacher spanned the years 1969-1993. I was known in Western Pennsylvania as a student of Koine Greek and Classical Hebrew, having taught in Western PA Bible Institute in Butler, The Lighthouse Ministry in Washington, and Faith Seminary in Bethel Park, PA in the 1970’s. I was privileges to have taught at the Charismatic Conference in 1979 at Duquesne University.

I graduated from a four year ministerial program at Northeast Bible College, which is now Valley Forge University, and later returned to complete a course of study for a B.S. in Bible. In 1982, I received a Master of Bible Theology from the International Bible Institute & Seminary. My thesis was on the historical development of the Koine Perfect Tense.

Currently I am retired from the pastorate, and live with my bride of 50 plus years in our townhouse in Massachusetts.

As an author my first books were:

Can You See God In his Picture

These are thoughts written primarily to my sons who grew up in the church. Such an experience is more often than not lacking in the beauty and meaning that God envisioned when He first called His church into being.


Jots & Tittles

The purpose behind this writing is to share some tidbits of truth that delve more deeply into the message of Scripture through the grammar, through the original languages in which it was written. And this is done in the sincere hope it will encourage a deeper love and interest in the reader for the emphatic, clear and simple message of the Bible as God’s message.


My other works are self published. see Amazon

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