A Woman’s Smile

[Written after (I blame the Covid lockdown) a melancholia overtook my memories as I rehearsed 50 plus years of hard times. I told my wife, “Maybe, we should not have married.” to which she replied (with a smile and thus a poem) “Too late now.”]


When God made Eve, the Master plan
Was to have her be as a help for man
So His genius in one master stroke
Formed her thus. When she awoke
She found her Adam sitting there
In breathless wonder with but a stare
Upon his face; her sinless guile
threw him a kiss and broke a smile.

Perhaps, he dreamt the siren’s lure
So true of all men everywhere.
The loudest praise, the fondest prose,
Was God’s creation while Adam dosed!
The finishing touch to His masterpiece—
Will breathless sighing never cease!—
Discovered in her gentle style;
Displaying a coquettish smile.

Be not deceived: That fateful day
When serpents had too much to say
When summer fruit bedecked the tree
Where Adam had no right to be—
Forbidden pleasures he should resist.
But did his lovely Eve insist?
She took a bite; and thought the while
She’d shared it …only, with a smile!

No wealth, no jewels, no luxuries,
Not Eden’s treasured discoveries,
No opulence, no bed of ease
Is long able to assuage or please.
What tempts a man? It’s not in things
Not palaces of the richest kings.
For nothing else is worth the while
It’s only in a woman’s smile.

What makes a man to lose his way
To lose resolve, become her prey,
To acquiesce or compromise?
The subtile truth is in disguise!
From whence a woman’s power to charm,
To heal as much as it can harm,
To stir the heart—a woman’s wile?
God kindly hid it in her smile.

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