A Hug

[My brother’s 7 yr old granddaughter comes up behind me and gives me a hug much to everyone’s surprise. I was reminded of Matthew 19:14 – But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.]

When children hug: it is their way
To steal affection, the experts say;
So when they jump and squeal and tug
It simply means they need a hug.

But grownups claim it’s selfish need
The wanton claim of childish greed,
An infant’s ire at its worst
And we refuse to be coerced.

So let them scream! And when they’re grown
They’ll learn at last to play alone.
When life is often merciless
And not one friendship to caress.

We will survive, adults have found,
With clinched resolve, we hold our ground.
When finally we think we ‘re blessed,
At last no need to be caressed.

And yet our Lord, that day He smiled
With loving welcome to a child
That spied that sacred hem to tug
And longed to know the Savior’s hug

Did beckon little arms to come
Receive a hug, and feel at home,
While His disciples, all proper, grown
Continued on to gripe and groan.

“Be like this child,” He gently warned,
Here’s a lesson to be learned:
To be a recipient of His grace
We must surrender to His embrace.

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